"All children shall wake up every morning looking forward to learning"


Universal Education Centers (UEC) has developed a new system of education designed for the information/communication age. It incorporates the finest and most effective means to inspire children ages 4 to 18 to learn about themselves, history, mathematics, literature, art, science and culture.

UEC is designed for families who wish to supplement their children's academic education; groups of families who wish to fulfill the academic portion of a complete and well rounded home schooling program; private schools (to use UEC's curriculum to free their teachers to focus more of their energy on the children than the subject matter); and/or individuals or corporations wanting to own and operate their own Universal Education Center where they reside.

In a typical UEC day, children spend a quarter of the day learning academics in their MindLAB's (a personal accelerated learning vehicle); a quarter of the day interacting with other children and educators about the lessons they're learning; a quarter of the day exploring creativity, music, art and drama; and a quarter of the day doing physical activities while learning about themselves and others. Universal education subject matter includes eight (8) major topic areas:

Learning to love words and ideas: reading, writing, listening, and other communication skills.

Learning to love numbers, amounts, and sizes: mathematics, physics, logic, problem solving, and thinking skills.

Learning to love nature and science: geology, biology, chemistry, and the living planet Earth.

Learning to love people and places: history, geography, government, psychology and world events.

Learning to love imagination and creativity: music, art, drama, innovation, and the creative mind.

Learning to love your mind and body: physical fitness, and mental and emotional well being.

Learning to love kindness, honesty and respect.


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