MIND MATTERS: Brilliance, Passion, and the nature of Mastery

Focus your concentration instantly to give 100% of your mind's power to the task at hand.

Effectively manage your stress and tension for enhanced wellness and peak performance.

Utilize both minds together to increase intelligence and enhance creative thinking skills.

Reprogram your mind to eliminate negative programming and to create successful results.

Course Description

Focused Concentration
Most individuals spend most of their time in a state of divided attention, where they are thinking of several things at the same time. With Focused Passion, you experience a state of total concentration. In this state you focus both of your minds together, block out any distractions or interruptions, and give 100% of your mind's power to the task at hand. Instead of hoping that what you are about to do will get your fullest attention, in just twenty seconds using the Alpha State, you can intentionally get your fullest attention and then put it onto whatever it is you are about to do.Managing

Stress and Tension
An excess of physical tension and emotional anxiety can completely paralyze your learning. Stress will not only rob you of your peak performance states, but eventually of your physical and emotional health as well. Using the Alpha Brainwave state as a "hole in the top of the tea kettle of life", you can effectively let go of all of your excess stress in just seconds. In Alpha, you will accelerate your learning, improve your performance, and perhaps add years of health and well-being to your life.

Enhancing Creativity
The key to enhancing intelligence, innovation, insight, intuition, and inspiration, is to utilize both the mind of logic and the mind of Alpha Brainwave State. Most of the brilliance of the creative mind is often not available to adults who spend most of their time in the divided attention of the Beta state. Through the effective use of the Alpha, you no longer have to wish for a good idea. You can instantly access your creative genius and get as many great ideas as you want.

Reprogramming Habits
Often what stands in the way of producing successful results is negative mental programming. This can come in the form of lack of motivation, low self-confidence, disorganization, procrastination, or any of a whole list of other bad habits. Through the use of the Alpha Brainwave State, you can take your mind off of automatic pilot, reprogram the automatic pilot function, and put your mind back on automatic pilot with a new set of instructions, a new habit. With Focused Passion, you can change your mind and keep the change.

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