Expanding Time

Expand by making more time available.
Using accelerated reading techniques gives you 30 - 60 or more hours every month. The average corporate executive spends sixty hours a month reading (not counting books). It's much faster for your mind to read the way that you think rather than the way you talk.

Using techniques to determine what's not worth reading saves a significant amount of time. Using Alpha for rest, to require less sleep, makes 20 - 40 or more hours available each month. With aerobic exercise followed by rest and deep relaxation the body requires less sleep. With frequent daily applications of Alpha for stress release, the body falls asleep quicker. Using Alpha/Theta techniques to instantly awaken refreshed saves valuable time each morning.

Using focused passion for goal setting and managing time frees up many hours. Quicker, more effective problem-solving and decision making expands available time. Staying organized avoids wasting hours spent in constantly getting organized. Releasing time-wasting behavior like procrastination and latenes is liberating.

Expand by making better use of available time.
Reprogramming lateness into a passion of being prepared a little early also enhances integrity. Reprogram a procrastination pattern into a habit of getting started right now. Focus concentration and amplify passion to enhance motivation and ambition and get things done. Use mental rehearsal to program doing things right the first time ( a stitch in time saves nine).

Expand by changing your perception of time.

As your mind slows down toward dreaming, you can perceive time expanding. You can respond to magical moments by purposefully slowing down your perception of time. You can program a response to confusion or terror by slowing down your perception of time. Doing something worthwhile while "waiting" changes perception of time as well as attitude. Enjoy frequent brief journeys into altered states.

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