Developing, Educating, and Motivating a Sales Force

  • Identify and develop your individual selling style by building strengths and shoring up weaknesses.
  • Profit by learning to read the customers thinking, feeling, and buying styles
  • Master powerful techniques for developing personal motivation and creating peak performance.
  • Learn to develop enthusiasm, confidence, and corporate prosperity.

Course Description

This is about applying the power of both minds to selling. For the most part, motivation isn't connected to the conscious logical mind. Given that motivation is a good thing, if logic was the primary cause of motivation, people in the same situation would tend to be equally motivated, because it s equally logical to each of them that being motivated is in their best interest. This obviously isn't the case. Motivation comes primarily from the other mind; the mind of imagination, the mind of emotion. To that mind it is all very basic. We are all motivated by two things: the way it feels good to be rewarded and the way it feels bad to be punished. Our minds of imagination are unmotivated when there is not strong feeling either way, such as when we are bored, apathetic, or indifferent.

In this workshop we explore personal motivation. We are motivated to an extent by a negative emotion called worry. We are more effectively motivated by the positive emotions that come from imagining that we are getting what we want. Positive emotions such as happiness, confidence, or satisfaction are great motivators.

What you think with words, sounds, and pictures are your mind's steering wheel. They determine your direction. But what you feel is the gas pedal. It is your emotions that determine at what speed you will fo and how much energy you will have while you are going.

Especially in sales, unless you propel yourself forward with powerful emotion 9confidence, excitement, pride), you will go nowhere fast. To a great extent it is the salesperson that the customer is buying; their confidence, their respectfulness, their knowledge and their integrity. It is important for each salesperson to know the difference between their individual strengths and weaknesses. It is important to continue to work on developing weak areas. But it is also important that this work not take place during a sales call.

In this workshop, you will learn techniques to "read" customer thinking/feeling/buying styles and to speak to them in "their language". This is done so as to create trust, confidence, and rapport between the seller and the customer. By developing more enthusiasm and more confidence your sales force will learn how they best sell. They will use the power of the Alpha brainwave state the state of Focused Passion, to enhance what they feel and what they do so as to quickly and dramatically create peak performance leading to personal and corporate success.

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