Accelerated Reading, Learning, and Memory Techniques

  • Provides a method to create accelerated reading techniques in the Alpha State
  • Helps develop enhanced comprehension skills, improved memory and recall.
  • Helps you create the accelerated learning skills necessary for the Information Age

Course Description

Why continue to read the way that you talk, when you can read the way that you think. The basic premise of any speed reading program is to break the old reading habit and replace it with a new one. The fatal flaw that is found in traditional speed reading programs is that they tend to make reading much more difficult to do because they ask you to pay attention to two things at the same time. On one hand, you are asked to pay attention to how you are reading. On the other hand, you have to pay attention to what you are reading.

Attempting to pay attention to both how you are reading (the way that you move your eyes) and also what you are reading (the comprehension of the material) at the same time creates a state of divided attention. This divided attention state is the state of tension, anxiety and confusion. Reading in this state is much harder work. It is stressful and it tends to take the Fun out of the experience.

Why this Reading System Works

There is one primary reason that this reading system is so different than all the others. In the state of focused passion you reprogram your mind to change the way you read. You reprogram they way that your eyes automatically move. You train your eyes to see groups of words in each focus. You train your mind to read the way that you think (concepts) instead of the way that you talk (words). You program your mind so that without paying any attention your eyes will move differently all by themselves. This frees you up to give 100% of your total focused concentration to comprehending the material. It also allows you to read in the calm and relaxed focused passion state, the state required to create greatness at any endeavor. Reading in this state is exciting and easy, and most of all, because of the intensity of the focus, everything you read with focused passion becomes much more interesting. Reading becomes a whole lot more fun.

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