Creating Quality

With Jack Daugherty, legendary producer of the Carpenters, conducting and performing Focused Passion Music, behind Steve's Poetic Guided Imagery, these tapes help you to program your mind and your heart in the Focused Passion State. Each of the four tapes has two different exercises about developing enhanced living skills.


Relaxation: Let go of excess stress as you feel your body unwind
Self-confidence: Build optimism, personal-power, and greater self-respect
Goals: Decide what you really want to be and then become it.
Success: Creating follow-through and enjoying the way on the way.

First thing in the morning, just before you go to sleep, or in the low energy time in the middle of your busy day, take a ten minute break and Create Quality in your life.


  • 4 audio cassettes of Steven Snyder Alpha sessions, poetically versed and set to the music of Jack Daugherty. Composed to help you create the Alpha-brainwave State.

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