The MindLab

The MindLab has the potential to produce a generation of well-educated children - a feat our outdated school systems are not capable of.

For the first time, technology allows us to bring the most exciting and relevant information, presented by the world's greatest educators, into the minds and hearts of students all over the world. Using a revolutionary accelerated learning vehicle, students are challenged to perform to the greatest extent of their gifts, talents, and abilities. Their natural brilliance and passion for learning are kindled through an exciting interactive multimedia process that continually calibrates and adjusts to the learning style of the student, presenting information in the way that works best for each individual.

We have developed the prototype for the MindLab. The world's first interactive, multimedia, DVD, accelerated learning vehicle. A student learns inside an accelerated learning environment. Students activate the MindLab by putting two fingers into a Bio-Feedback Port (GSR Galvanice Skin Response), and bring themselves (if they are not already there) into the state of fascination and wonder known as the Alpha Brainwave State.

The design of the MindLab allows it to become a secluded learning environment. This dramatically reduces distractions, helping children to increase their concentration and to improve their attention skills. It provides an opportunity for physically active students to release their extra energy, even while they are sitting and learning. The silent roller pad at the student's feet, allows them to move their legs around, or even walk or run while they are seated.


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